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Disorder Atlas is a web-based tool that facilitates the interpretation of intrinsic disorder predictions using proteome-based descriptive statistics. To begin, please select the tool that you'd like to use from the "Getting started" panel below.

Analyze a protein of interest

Start by entering either a sequence or UniProt accession number. See where the disorder profile of your protein stands relative to the rest of the proteome.

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Search for proteins by feature

Find proteins with specified disorder (or order) features of interest. This is an exploratory search tool.

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Browse disorder in proteomes

Analyze proteomic disorder distributions.

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For now, please cite the following bioRxiv article:

Vincent M, Schnell, S. 2017. Disorder Atlas: web-based software for the proteome-based interpretation of intrinsic disorder predictions. bioRxiv DOI: 10.1101/060699

Supported tools & algorithms



  • Hotloops
  • REM465


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Proteome Support

Disorder Atlas currently supports 10 common eukaryotic proteomes. For a complete list of all supported proteomes, click the link below.

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Easy to Use

Disorder Atlas uses an intuitive interface that facilitates disorder analyses in individual proteins as well as large-scale exploratory analyses of intrinsic disorder.

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